We would need the signed Rental Agreement, Driver’s license, Security Deposit, and Insurance policy that would cover the value of the rented vehicle (i.e. $300,000).
Wire Transfer/ Cashier’s Check.
Yes, we will always require a deposit.
No, we only rent vehicles in the United States.
You will need an insurance policy that can cover the value of the rented vehicle (i.e. $300,000) or in certain instances we may make some exceptions for a specific client or transaction.
The rental rate varies depending on supply and demand as well as the duration of the rental period.
Typically, we allow 50 miles per day; however, for longer rental period the final mileage may be adjusted accordingly.
Yes, $0.25/mile after the allotted mileage limit.
Typically, no, but we could offer the service to certain clients as the case may be.
Generally, no, but some states may have their laws changed. Check with your local DMV office for further information.